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Compliance Plus, Inc.
380 Ellis Way, #1B
Golden, CO 80401
303.255.2955 office
303.273.5713 fax


Welcome to Compliance Plus, Inc.
Since 1993 Compliance Plus, Inc. has been dedicated to serving Healthcare Facilities, Surgery Centers, Healthcare Clinics, and Dental Offices across the US and Canada.  We have experience in over 1500 Healthcare Facilities providing Piped Medical Gas Verifications, Piped Medical Gas Systems Evaluations, Employee Exposure Monitoring, Medical Gas Equipment, and Medical Gas Services.

Our professional medical gas specialists are PIPE/NITC Certified Medical Gas Inspectors and Verifiers able to document problems as well as repair deficiencies regardless of manufacturer.

Let Compliance Plus, Inc. demonstrate to you our professionalism, integrity and reliability through our comprehensive documentation, and problem solving skills.